The Fields of Remembrance – The Royal British Legion

It’s an engagement that we’ve come to expect every year in the run up to Remembrance Sunday.  The Fields of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey.  This year I have been invited to write a message on a cross and have it placed in the field of my choosing.

I have to say that  was not expecting to have the chance to do this.  I received the packet last night.

Today, I spent time thinking of each of my relatives that served in the Armed Forces and saw major conflict.  I also took time to look over all of the information that came with this little wooden cross

Each year The Royal British Legion plants over 100,000 of these little wooden markers (you can choose a different one via the form that was included if you prefer a symbol other than a cross) in six Fields of Remembrance  across the United Kingdom.

This is the first year that I have been offered a chance to take part, and while I wait to hear back about the best way to mail this cross back so that the USPS and Royal Mail don’t damage it, I am practicing my handwriting .

If you want to add your own tribute to either the virtual field or one of the 6 locations you can do so via the form on this page.


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