The Royal Mint Celebrates the Beginning of the New Carolean Era

I don’t know if many of my readers like to collect commerative coins, but if you do then The Shop at The Royal Mint has a real treat for you!

The Royal Mint has given us a to celebrate the three Carolean reigns in British history, these coins represent different eras in which the British monarchy has found itself.

The coin honouring the coronation of His Majesty King Charles III features a crowned coinage portrait of the monarch designed by acclaimed sculptor Martin Jennings.

This set combines coins from the reigns of each of Britain’s Carolean kings and highlights the changes to British coinage during these eras.

If you want to order this historic set, you can do so at this page.

Here is a closer look at the set

Here is a look at each of the coins

Charles I


Charles II


Charles III


I am excited for the new coin set that is released tonight and also for those that are to come.  Take a look around The Shop at The Royal Mint , you might just find a special product that catches your eye

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