A Petite Princess . com was founded in July 2011 by Patricia Watts. Known as Trisha to her family and friends, she never dreamed that what was a ten post series on her personal blog would get the attention and response that it did, creating the need for a site all their own. The goal of this site is to take inspiration from the wardrobe of the Duchess of Cambridge and to find options that work for those that are considered Petite (5’4″ and shorter) by the fashion industry. Because in her eyes “A Princess is a Princess no matter how small”, and who doesn’t like feeling like a polished princess when they look in the mirror in the morning? Trisha graduated university in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and woke up early on the morning of the Royal Wedding to watch before rushing off to a Political Theory Final Exam. Since it began the site has evolved from a place to find petite options inspired by the latest sartorial selections by the Duchess of Cambridge to a site that is not only fun and informative, but a site that also makes a difference by getting involved very closely with various charitable causes supported by the Duchess of Cambridge and other members of the British Royal Family.
Trisha Watts


Chloe, UK Editor
Hi! I am Chloe, APP’s UK Editor, and I have been a ‘Royal Watcher’ since William and Catherine’s wedding in 2011. Their clear devotion to one another endeared me to them, and since then, I have taken a great interest in the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as a couple, as well as the wider Royal Family.
I am also the founder and editor of The Crown Chronicles, a Royal news and history site, which launched in April 2015, having found such an interest in the British Monarchy, stemming from my interest in William and Catherine.
I have thoroughly enjoyed watching William and Kate work together, and then have a family, producing two gorgeous children in Prince George and Princess Charlotte, that they kindly share with us now and again.
I admire Catherine greatly, and think she does her job with such elegance and poise, that she is an excellent role-model for women and young girls alike. Kate’s fashion choices always catch my eye, and I love to Replikate, trying to do so on a student budget!